About Us

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Who is MinistryWorks?

MinistryWorks is a full-service payroll service provider that helps churches and related ministries by taking on the administrative burden of payroll processing and payroll tax filing. MinistryWorks professionals are church payroll specialists who truly understand your ministry and work closely with you to offer solutions for your unique needs.

MinistryWorks was developed by Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company in 2010 as another service for America’s churches in addition to risk management and insurance. Brotherhood Mutual believes offering church payroll services is another way the company can fulfill its mission statement of, “Advancing the Kingdom by Serving the Church.”


Church Payroll & Tax Filing Features


  • Management of tax withholdings and deductions
  • W-2, Social Security, Medicare, and new hire reporting
  • Time and Attendance (accrual tracking, online time card editing)
  • Affordable Care Act Reporting
  • Annual workers’ compensation audit assistance
  • Full-service direct deposit
  • Preparation of employee paychecks
What Makes Us Unique?


Exclusive Market

Our specialization in clergy, church, and ministry tax law can help keep your ministry protected.

Ministry Focused Pricing

Our products are intentionally priced with the goal of saving your ministry money so you can dedicate funds to your outreach efforts.

Seamless Transition

Our goal is to establish a one-on-one relationship with your ministry and be your payroll partner.

Our Mission

At MinistryWorks, our mission is to serve the Kingdom by providing quality payroll products and services to churches and related ministries at a fair price. This gives ministry staff and volunteers more time to focus on their mission.

What our customers are saying about MinistryWorks®

We used to do all of our payroll in house. Housing allowances were set up once a month, once a week, bi-monthly. When we looked at the expense, it just wasn’t cost-effective to do it this way. We couldn’t justify the cost of doing it in house anymore. MinistryWorks was able to get everyone on the same schedule.
Andy Young
Faith Baptist Church