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Listen to what Kim DeRisi, office manager for Sayre Woods Bible Church in Old Bridge, NJ has to say about MinistryWorks.


Andy Young

Andy Young
Executive Pastor, Faith Baptist Church, Knightdale, NC

We used to do all of our payroll in house. Housing allowances were set up once a month, once a week, bi-monthly. When we looked at the expense, it just wasn’t cost-effective to do it this way. We couldn’t justify the cost of doing it in house anymore. MinistryWorks was able to get everyone on the same schedule.

Enid Jackson
School Secretary, Resurrection Lutheran School, Newport News, VA

Our biggest challenge is that our staff increases and decreases seasonally. Teachers come and go, so we frequently have to put them on and take them off payroll. With MinistryWorks, I can do that myself. I don’t have to call anyone, so managing personnel takes less time and doesn’t cost extra.

Roger Reece
Executive Pastor, Associated Churches, Fort Wayne, IN

Joining MinistryWorks has been such a blessing for us. We’ve experienced substantial savings since becoming a MinistryWorks customer — they cut our payroll expenses in half. The staff is so easy to work with, the reporting is very easy, and overall the services they provide are invaluable to our non-profit. We are extremely pleased with everything about MinistryWorks, and I highly recommend their services.

Pastor Dean Antonucci
Amazing Grace Fellowship of Heppner, OR

With the tax laws changing, it’s nice to have someone else filing our taxes. I’ve come to find out that some of the [tax-related] things that I was taught by previous pastors were wrong. Even though we’re small, MinistryWorks is still able to help us. You don’t have to be a mega-church anymore to be well taken care of.

Scott Goldsmith, CPA
Treasurer, Mosaic Church, Indianapolis, IN

Our church received a notice from the IRS. I’m a CPA, but payroll taxes aren’t my specialty. I forwarded the notice to MinistryWorks to see if they could help. Within a couple of hours, I received a reply that said, ‘We’ll take care of it!’ That kind of service is normal with MinistryWorks, and we’re paying less than we had been paying our previous payroll provider. I can’t recommend MinistryWorks enough!

Don Delagrange
Administrative Pastor, Central Church, Fort Wayne, IN

 The transition from our previous payroll provider to MinistryWorks during our fiscal year has saved us considerable financial resources. With MinistryWorks we’re able to speak directly to a representative that is familiar with the details of our organization.

Joyce Copenhaver
Administrative Assistant, Presbyterian Church of Havre de Grace, MD

MinistryWorks was our ‘saving grace’ following a really bad situation with a previous payroll company. They were extremely helpful during the transition process, and there was never a question they didn’t answer for us. Our fee for payroll processing was cut in half compared to what we were paying previously.

Lisa Rabaduex
Business Manager, Covenant United Methodist Church, Fort Wayne, IN

As a smaller church, we had always done our payroll in-house and given paper checks to employees. We decided to look for an option where our employees could receive their checks through direct deposit allowing them easier access to funds and better cash flow for the church. After meeting with several payroll companies we chose MinistryWorks for their understanding of church needs, their excitement about the product, and their cost. They have been wonderful in walking with us through the steps needed to bring our goal of direct deposit to our employees.