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How are special payroll deductions handled?

Special payroll deductions such as health insurance premiums, membership dues, charitable contributions, etc. are calculated and withheld from the employee’s payroll during each pay period. These deductions are clearly reflected on your ministry’s payroll check register so you can pay your ministry’s deduction liabilities directly to the appropriate vendor.

How do we retrieve our payroll reports?

There are a couple of options for receiving payroll reports from MinistryWorks. Electronic reports are available for download from the website within moments after your payroll processing is complete. After each payroll is processed, you will receive an email alert that the reports are available for download. The report files are in PDF format and… Read more »

How do our employees receive their paystubs?

If your ministry chooses the direct deposit option for your employee’s pay checks, an ACH voucher is created for each employee and is included in the report package that is generated with each payroll. Your payroll administrator can print a copy of each paystub for delivery to the employees on pay day. The payroll funds… Read more »