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MinistryWorks, LLC, referred to as “MinistryWorks” in this document, will make reasonable efforts to maintain privacy with respect to information obtained from visitors. Access to information obtained from users will generally be restricted to MinistryWorks employees and affiliates who have a legitimate business interest in such information, unless otherwise permitted or required by law. MinistryWorks does not make any express or implied warranties or representations regarding the dissemination of information conveyed over the internet.

MinistryWorks assumes no liability for the privacy procedures of websites which are reached via links provided within its site.

If users send E-mail messages to MinistryWorks, they are advised that such messages may be accessed by others using the Internet. Confidential information should not be sent via E-mail.

Legal Disclaimers

General Liability Disclaimer: MinistryWorks assumes no liability for any direct or consequential damages suffered by anyone accessing this site, nor is any liability assumed in relation to the content provided herein, or provided within any other Internet site that may be accessed via this site.

MinistryWorks is not engaged in the practice of accounting or law as defined by applicable federal and state law. MinistryWorks services should not be considered to be financial, tax or legal advice. To obtain financial, tax or legal guidance, please consult with a licensed professional.

Intellectual Property Rights: MinistryWorks maintains exclusive ownership rights or licenses in certain trade names, taglines, slogans, logos, and other items of intellectual property.

All logos, text, content, including underlying HTML code, designs, and graphics used and/or depicted in this Internet website are protected under United States and international copyright and trademark laws and treaties, and may not be used or reproduced without the prior express written permission of MinistryWorks.

No waiver of any intellectual property rights that MinistryWorks has in any of its trademarks, service marks, names, logos or products is express or implied if a mark, name or logo is not present on this page.

The MinistryWorks and Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company names and logos are the property of Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company, and are used with permission.

Use: The content of this site may be downloaded for personal use only, unless otherwise indicated, or unless prior written permission is obtained from MinistryWorks.

Product Limitation: Any descriptions or other presentations of products or services on this website are not intended to be offers or solicitations. Some products or services presented herein may not be available for sale in all jurisdictions. MinistryWorks representatives should be consulted to determine whether a product is available for sale in a particular jurisdiction.

Web Links: This website may contain links to other sites that are not owned or controlled by MinistryWorks. For this reason, MinistryWorks assumes no liability for the content or accuracy of such sites.

Software Virus Disclaimer: MinistryWorks makes reasonable efforts to provide a website free from any software viruses, worms, or other code that may be potentially damaging. MinistryWorks does not make any express or implied warranties or representations in this regard, however.

Jurisdictional Statement: MinistryWorks services are available nationwide.

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