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Our resource library developed specifically for churches and related ministries includes information on payroll, tax filing, and employee management issues.
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Resource Library

Payroll and Tax Filing Resources

403(b) Retirement Plans – What Ministries Need to Know
Cell Phone Reimbursement Policies
Can a Part-Time Employee Be Paid a Salary?
Deacon’s Bench Newsletter—Ministry Payroll Issue
DIY Church Payroll: Avoid Costly Mistakes
Does Your Pastor Really Have 99 Kids?
Dual Tax Status—What Does It Mean for the Reporting of a Pastor’s Wages?
Employee Benevolence—If Our Church Gives a Gift to One of Our Employees Is It Taxable?
Expense Reports—Are You Doing Them Correctly?
Housing Allowance — Who Qualifies?
Housing Allowance — Proper Designation
Housing Allowances — Reporting on Tax Forms
Identifying Independent Contractors for Tax Purposes
IRS Warns of Dangerous W-2 Email Scam
Monetary Gifts from the Congregation to Church Staff – Taxable or Tax-Free?
Pay Records Ministries Should Keep
Payroll Tax Checklist for Ministries (Checklist)
Religion, Politics, and Tax Code
Reloadable Prepaid Cards—An Alternative to Direct Deposit for Employee Payroll?
Tax Payments – Do you know where your tax payment is?
Tax Reform: Use new 2018 tax withholding tables
The I-9 and W-4: Pay special attention to these documents
Tips to Boost Employee Records Organization
Unemployment Benefits For Church Employees
Unrelated Business Tax
Withholdings—Life Events Affect Taxes


Employee and Volunteer Management Resources

Exemptions from Wage and Hour Laws
FLSA: Does the Fair Labor Standards Act Apply to Your Ministry?
A Healthcare Reimbursement Option Now Available
Housing Allowances: Check Your Paycheck
Overtime: Does Your Ministry Comply?
Paying Church Employees
Paying Church Employees Overtime
Steps to Take Before Letting an Employee Go
Worker Classification – Use Caution When Classifying Workers
Workers’ Compensation Laws – Common Questions


Affordable Care Act Reporting Resources

What is Affordable Care Act Reporting?
What Does Full Time and Full Time Equivalent Mean?
Healthcare: Employer Payment Plans No Longer Allowed Under ACA
Affordable Care Act Changes W-2 Reporting


Additional Resources

Church Law & Tax
FLSA Overtime Calculator Advisor
IRS Tax Guide for Churches & Religious Organizations
Ministerial Tax Issues by GuideStone Financial Resources
U.S. Department of Labor
U.S. Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division


What our customers are saying about MinistryWorks®

Our biggest challenge is that our staff increases and decreases seasonally. Teachers come and go, so we frequently have to put them on and take them off payroll. With MinistryWorks, I can do that myself. I don’t have to call anyone, so managing personnel takes less time and doesn’t cost extra.
Enid Jackson
Resurrection Lutheran School