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Pay-As-You-Go Workers’ Compensation

Pay-Go makes workers’ comp easy on you and your budget by breaking your premium up into smaller, more manageable payments, and automatically compiling an audit report at the end of each policy year for you to review.

Plus, as part of our commitment to helping bear the burdens of the ministries we serve, we're offering this benefit for free to those who are both a MinistryWorks customer and Brotherhood Mutual Workers' Comp policyholder.


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Eliminate large,
lump-sum payments

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Compile audit reports automatically

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Avoid overpaying
or underpaying

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Integrate payroll
and workers’ comp


How It Works:

Pay-Go analyzes each payroll to calculate changes to your workers’ comp premium

Your adjusted premium payment for that payroll is withdrawn automatically

At the end of the policy period,
Pay-Go compiles an annual audit report for you to review



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You could claim up to $33,000/employee with the
Employee Retention Credit.

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